Biomagnetics Definition

Biomagnetics: This involves the use of magnetic products for the relief of pain due to injury, muscle spasms, and tension. There are other uses as well, all designed to improve health and speed up the healing process.

In 1936 the scientist Dr. Albert Roy Davis became the first to discover there are two separate and distinct energies of magnetism. Davis and his partner, Walter C. Rawls, laid the foundation of research that later brought to light the vast potential of this new science. This in turn led to the growing acceptance of biomagnetics, or magnet therapy throughout the scientific community. Before Dr. Davis, biomagnetics, as with acupuncture, had been used by ancient civilizations thousands of years before.

Today there are numerous companies that specialize and sell biomagnetic therapeutic products. The most common of these products in households today are magnetic insoles and mattress pads. Companies are even selling magnetic jewelry, in styles such as bracelets and necklaces, designed to relieve pain and tension. Companies claim that the magnetic products can reduce inflammation and swelling of an injury better that ice would on the same injury.

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