Holistic Dentistry Definition

Dentistry (Holistic): In holistic dentistry the whole person is considered. Safer alternatives to mercury amalgam fillings are often used. Digital x-rays that reduce radiation exposure are often employed rather than traditional x-rays. In addition, other holistic practices, such as hair analysis, hypnosis, kinesiology, or chiropractic may be utilized.

Basic principles of holistic dentistry include eating nutrient-dense whole foods, properly grown and prepared, avoiding root canals, (if a patient has a root canal and suspects it is causing trouble, they are to have it removed by a knowledgeable dentist), avoiding mercury (amalgam) fillings, (if a patient has amalgam fillings, they can have them removed by a holistic dentist who specializes in mercury filling replacement), Orthodontics should include measures to widen the palate, and when it is necessary to extract teeth, do so in such a way as to avoid leaving the jaw bone with cavitation, which can be focal points of infection.

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