Medical Intuition Definition

Medical Intuition: This involves utilizing a focused, intuitive instinct to scan the energetic and frequency information in and around the human body in a systematic fashion. It results in information that may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or environmental. A 'Medical Intuitive' is a person who practices this art and science. What a medical intuitive can do will depend upon their natural skill level, professional experience, and background and education. Typically, a medical intuitive will 'scan' a client's body (and being) - intuitively. Then, the client is provided verbal or written feedback. Occasionally, this information is also provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional. This medically oriented information is utilized to better prepare a specific, detailed treatment plan for the client. Due to the deep nature of the intuitive's work, conditions can be detected and preemptive work done to stop them from manifesting into outward physical disease.

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